March 23, 2021

William D. Prystauk Serves Up Kink Noir

William D. Prystauk Serves Up Kink Noir

Ep:076 In the Kink Noir crime thriller series, William D. Prystauk’s first installment, Bloodletting  won the Grand Jury Prize at the LA Neo Noir Novel, Film & Script Fest in 2016. In 2020, the sequels, Punishment and Debauchery, both tied for The Best Book Award at the same festival. An award-winning screenwriter, filmmaker, podcaster, marketer, and educator, Bill is also a former member of BDSM groups in both New York and Philadelphia, and he brings his knowledge of the subculture to the series, where a pansexual private investigator solves crimes in New York City’s BDSM and LGBT communities. Bill currently resides on the east coast and leaves no sushi behind.

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