Feb. 13, 2020

Tal Bauer On Facebook Dilemmas and Finding His Niche

Tal Bauer On Facebook Dilemmas and Finding His Niche

Ep:019 Tal Bauer discusses the extensive amount of research that goes into his novels, living without a personal Facebook account, and finding his niche in gay fiction.


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Soul on Fire

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Murder at White Oak by Marko Realmonte
Some Kind of Love by Jack Dickson

Tal Bauer is an author of gay romantic suspense/thriller novels. Tal believes the world needs more gay heroes, gay love stories, and powerful women kicking ass and tries to write those stories. With a background ranging from law enforcement to humanitarian aid, the stories are global in scope and with diverse characters in all roles. Tal’s goal is to help normalize gay characters as action heroes and to bring to life strong, dynamic, holistic women in all of his novels. Tal is married to a wonderful husband and they live in Texas.