July 28, 2020

Mark Zubro: So Many Balls in the Air

Mark Zubro: So Many Balls in the Air

Ep:042 Mark Zubro is the author of thirty-seven novels and eight short stories. His book A Simple Suburban Murder won the Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay Men's mystery. Eight others of his books have been nominated. One of the keys in Zubro’s mysteries is you do not want to be a person who is racist, sexist, homophobic, or a school administrator. If you are any of those, it is likely you are the corpse, or, at the least, it can be fairly well guaranteed that bad things will happen to you by the end. 

 He taught eighth graders English and reading for thirty-four years. He was president of the teachers’ union in his district from 1985 until 2006 when he retired. He now spends his time reading, writing, napping, and eating chocolate


Link to Mark's latest novel, Forever

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