Aug. 17, 2021

Lucy Sussex On An 1800s Blockbuster Crime Novel

Lucy Sussex On An 1800s Blockbuster Crime Novel

Ep:097 Lucy Sussex is a New Zealand-born writer living in Australia. Her award-winning work covers many genres, from children’s books to horror. She began in science fiction, and has published internationally and in translation. She has worked as a librarian, researcher, editor and weekly review columnist for newspapers. Her literary archaeology (unearthing unjustly forgotten writers) work includes Women Writers and Detectives in C19th Crime Fiction: the mothers of the mystery genre (Palgrave). 

 In 2015 she published the prize-winning Blockbuster! (Text Publishing) about Fergus Hume’s 1886 The Mystery of a Hansom Cab, set in Melbourne and the biggest selling detective novel of the 1800s. Hume was a rival of Conan Doyle, who hated the book; he was also blackmailed for being gay. Currently she is completing a co-written biography of detective writer Mary Fortune and her criminal son George.

Blockbuster!: by Lucy Sussex on Amazon USA

Blockbuster!: by Lucy Sussex on Amazon AUS

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