Aug. 11, 2020

Laury A. Egan, Keyboards and Cameras

Laury A. Egan, Keyboards and Cameras

Ep:044 : Laury A. Egan is the author of the madcap gay comedy, Fabulous! An Opera Buffa; an LGTBQ suspense set in Venice, Jenny Kidd; a mystery-romance, A Bittersweet Tale;  a YA novel, The Outcast Oracle; a collection, Fog and Other Stories; and two forthcoming novels, The Swimmer and Wave in D Minor. Four volumes of poetry have appeared in limited edition, and forty stories and poems have been published in literary journals. Her visits to Mykonos inspired The Ungodly Hour, and her fine arts photography teaching provided material for the main character’s workshops on the island.



The book is available in Paperback and eBook from Interlude Press:, Amazon, or bookstores.

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