Nov. 3, 2020

Grant Atherton and One Killer of a Little Town

Grant Atherton and One Killer of a Little Town

Ep:056 Grant Atherton lives in a small sleepy town on the east coast of England after moving down from London ten years ago.  The fictional town of Elders Edge in his books is based very much on his home town with a few minor changes to suit the plots.

He’s been a writer for most of his life, starting at the age of five when his primary school teacher would pay him with a pack of jelly beans for each of his stories about talking animals. In the intervening years until the release of his first book in 2017, Grant has rarely gone a week without honing his writing skills. It was only more recently that he plucked up the courage to publish his work.

Grant's novel Away With You
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Poison Me Slowly by Ricky Wilks

Steam by Jay B. Laws
The Unfinished by Jay B. Laws

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