Dec. 15, 2020

Graeme Cheater And His Amazing Library of 26,000 Gay Novels

Graeme Cheater And His Amazing Library of 26,000 Gay Novels

Ep:062 Books & reading have been Graeme's life, working in libraries for over 50 years, and sometime as a bookseller. Having had to take medical retirement earlier than expected he now has the luxury of reading when he can, daily cover posts to organise himself, and maintaining an online catalogue, to help him concentrate on the familiar. And of course always trolling sites for new releases, the next big read, the next new read and those fave. authors & series.
 2020 has been an amazing year for him. Writing a foreward for publication, beta reading Aussie content for US based author, acknowledgement in a published bibliography, and now a guest on this podcast.

 Some days are tougher than others, but he is connected with author friends and fellow bibliophiles, which all helps, and always hope what he does might help others.

The basis of his collection is 1700+ print titles of gay fiction, with an emphasis on gay mystery series. He is in the process of finding new homes for the bulk of this collection. Adding 9000+ e-stories since 2009. Thank goodness for ereaders with larger reading fonts and text-to-speech options.

If he has any pet-hate, it is the tendency to glamourise the newly published and he enjoys bringing to the fore covers/titles which have history.

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