Dec. 26, 2019

Best LGBTQ Mysteries of 2019

Best LGBTQ Mysteries of 2019

Ep:012 Justene provides her selection of the best LGBTQ mystery novels of 2019, plus Brad gives one too. Listen in and add some books to your must reads list.

Books noted on the show:

Gregory Ashe                     Borealis Investigations series -Orientation, Declination, Triangulation

Olivier Bosman                  Anarchy (D.S. Billings Victorian Mysteries #4)

RE Bradshaw                     Emendare

Charlie Cochrane               Lessons in Playing a Murderous Tune (A Cambridge Fellows Mystery)

John Copenhaver              Dodging and Burning

Frank Butterfield                Nick Williams Mysteries, Daytona Beach Books

Greg Herren                      Royal Street Reveillon

Garrick Jones                    The Cricketer’s Arms

Stan Leventhal                  The Black Marble Pool

Josh Lanyon                      The Monuments Men Murders: The Art of Murder 4

Grant Michaels                  The Stan Kraychik Mysteries

John Michaelsen              The Deadwood Murders (Kendall Parker #2)

Michael Nava                     Carved in Bone

C.S. Poe                            Mystery of the Bones (Snow & Winter #4)

Jeffrey Round                    Shadow Puppet: A Dan Sharp Mystery

Brad Shreve                     A Body in the Bathhouse

Marshall Thornton           Rewind (Pinx Video #4)

Marshall Thornton           Boystown 12: Broken Cord