Queer Writers of Crime

Queer Writers of Crime

Author interviews with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer writers of mystery, suspense, and thriller novels. We also give crime genre LGBTQ book recommendations. There are a bevy of genres of queer fiction, but many readers aren't aware LGBTQ fiction includes outstanding crime writers. If that's you, now you know. Brad Shreve chats with authors to learn who they are as well as touching on their craft. This is the source to add to your list of must read LGBTQ books. Rated by Buzzfeed as one of the 20 Best Queer Podcasts.

Recent Episodes

July 01, 2022

Authors Recommending Authors with David S Pederson, Lev Raphael, and Brad Shreve

Ep: 131 David S. Pederson, Lev Raphael, and Brad Shreve, offer suggestions for your reading pleasure. Podcast Website: www.queerwritersofcrime.com Check out Queer Writers of Crime Guest's blog . To cover the cost of producing...

June 21, 2022

Lev Raphael Returns with Plenty to Discuss Including Having the Entire Nick Hoffman Series Republished.

Ep: 130 Lev Raphael returns to talk with Brad about having his full Nick Hoffman Academia Mystery Series republished, historical misquotes, research, the joy of mingling with other mystery authors, and more. Podcast Website: ...

June 16, 2022

Recommendation: Justene Gets Chills From a Diverse Novel

Ep: 129 Justene shares with Brad a novel by Maya MacGregor she believes is a contender for upcoming awards. A contemporary queer novel, full of diversity, a suspicious death, and a spirit who helps solve the crime. Podcast We...

June 14, 2022

Laury A. Egan Sees Writing As Serious Business

Ep: 128 Laury A. Egan, and Brad Shreve discuss the diversity in the type of stories she writes, her passion for the visual arts, writing both psychological suspense and humor, and being a humanist. she doesn't write a series,...

June 09, 2022

Recommend: Philip Praises A Police Procedural That Passes An Important Test

Ep: 127 Philip's June book recommendation is a book by Catherine Maiorisi that passes The Shreve Test. A High Standard Brad Insists in All Series novels. Podcast Website: www.queerwritersofcrime.com Check out Queer Writers of...

June 07, 2022

David S. Pederson: An Appreciation Of Life

Ep: 126 David S. Pederson and Brad discuss the love of writing dialogue, Phoenix life in the 1940s, and having a zest for life despite a series of disturbing events. Podcast Website: www.queerwritersofcrime.com Check out blog...

Recent Blog Posts

Writing is My Passion–But It’s a Business Too by Lev Rapha…

My father had a small business which I thought imprisoned him, so when I was growing up I swore I would never “do retail.” Boy, was I wrong.…

A Discussion of Punishment by Anne Holt by Laury Egan

Thank you, Brad, for giving me the excuse to read some crime novels, though I hardly needed it because this genre—and mystery—are my favorite…

KEEP MOVING, DON’T STOP by David S. Pederson

One question I’m often asked is how I got started writing and when. That’s a good question, but I think the better question may be, why didn&…

About the Host

Brad Shreve Profile Photo

Brad Shreve

Producer & Host

Brad Shreve (he/him) wanted to write an LGBTQ book yet is a mystery buff. He was delighted when he discovered the LGBTQ mystery subgenre and the list of writers who inspired him to pursue a writing career are too numerous to mention. He writes the Mitch O’Reilly Mystery Series.

Believing there is a whole section of society that is unaware that the subgenre exists, he created this podcast.

He grew up in Michigan and North Carolina. Working in the hotel industry moved him to most every region of the United States. He now calls the California High Desert home where he lives with his husband, Maurice.