Queer Writers of Crime

Wonderful Show Must Hear!

I stumbled upon this since Covid when I began walking daily. Brad is truly a wonderful interviewer and charms his guests completely. He finds the best lgbt authors who open up candidly about themselves and their creations. I have subsequently found several new authors I had never heard about and am now enjoying their books.

The review section by Justine is pure magic. She is such a devoted fan of the genre and reviews new books in the most creative ways. I do appreciate that she never gives a poor review, but she has several types of recommendations which give me a good idea of whether I should read the book.

The fact that Brad is also a great author simply adds spice to the mix! He knows what it means to write lgbtq mysteries so his questions are right on the money.

Please do yourself a favor and give a listen to this truly gifted show.

Wait for the first time you hear Brad spinning his giant wheel!

Aug. 28, 2020 by Njrick on Apple Podcasts

Queer Writers of Crime