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Providing expertly curated interviews as well as some much-needed LGBTQ representation, host Brad takes listeners on a journey through mystery and crime novels. The writers he has on as guests have such interesting perspectives and stories to tell. It’s an enthralling and engaging podcast.

Always interesting

The show is always fun and I get to learn about so many great LGBTQ authors!

Always Fun!

It’s great to have a podcast dealing with LGBTQ mysteries and conversations with writers of the genre. On top of that, Brad always finds a way to have an engaging and fun conversation. Justine’s (sp?) recommendations are always on point and let the listener know if the book would be for them. Highl…

An important service for a wonderful community

Brad and Justene are providing such an important service to the LGBT community. Every week, their recommendations and interviews spotlight new and established authors. They provide a forum for our once-marginalized community to talk about what we care about. And they make the whole thing a lot of f…

Wonderful Show Must Hear!

I stumbled upon this since Covid when I began walking daily. Brad is truly a wonderful interviewer and charms his guests completely. He finds the best lgbt authors who open up candidly about themselves and their creations. I have subsequently found several new authors I had never heard about and…


It’s amazing to have a platform like this that supports and uplifts authors and storytellers from within the LGBTQ+ community. The host is terrific, weaving together interesting and relevant interviews, showcasing author’s voices and work. Very entertaining! Definitely recommend!


This podcast is very entertaining. The host is an excellent interviewer (he allows his guests the time to explore their work), and he's engaging and interesting to listen to. Also love the upcoming-books segment - it's great. Subscribe and listen!

Great interviews!

Brad Shreve does a terrific job with his interviews on this new podcast of gay mystery authors. I've learned more about the genre and enjoyed the insights into his guest authors. And Justene's reviews are a hoot, too.

A great way to hear author stories

Great content and interesting interviews!

Tremendous show

This show is peek into a great genre of literature. You’ll love it!

Loads of fun

Brad does a wonderful job coaxing authors to talk about their books and process. Gems of wisdom and experience for authors and readers alike!