Review Prize Drawing

Earn your chance at a $50 gift card. 


What apps do you use that accept reviews? Click the button below and find out.


 News for our International Listeners
You're now included and therefore the end of the contest

has been changed to midnight Sunday, February 7th.


  • Leave a review of our podcast on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Podchaser, Stitcher or Castbox before midnight on February 7th. This is an extension from an earlier date due to news for international listeners.
  • You can't only leave a star rating because there's no tracking of the source. You must write a comment. 
  • While we love 5 star reviews, we can't ask that of you. All we ask is for a honest review. 
  • Since some people's screen names usually don't match their real names, it's best if you send a screenshot of your review to 
  • If you don't send a screenshot, at least send your name with your user name.  You can use the contact page.
  • Winner will be chosen by a randomizer
  • Because it can take time for some reviews to propogate, the winner will be announced in mid to late February.
  • Listeners around the world can now participate. See below. 

Sad that nearly half our listeners were excluded from the contest because it was restricted to the U.S. I spent a long evening researching. Visa Gift Cards can only be used in the country where purchased, but there are other options. It is possible to purchase Amazon Gift Cards through international websites. If your country is one that's excluded, Costco, Starbucks and a few other companies have cards that can be used globally. One way or another I'll get the winner a prize equivalent to $50 USD. 

Good luck!