Feb. 21, 2022

Queer Writers of Crime Returns with a Bangin' New Format

Queer Writers of Crime Returns with a Bangin' New Format

Queer Writers of Crime launched in September of 2019 and went on hiatus after 100 episodes. The show returns regularly on Tuesday March 15, with an exciting new format.

Each of the first three weeks there will be two episodes.

  • The first episode will feature an interview with an LGBTQ author of mystery, suspense, or thriller novels
  • The second episode will be shorter but will offer big bang for your buck. Each week there will be a book recommendation by one of three rotating crime genre fanatics. 

I’m told by authors and publishers there is a shortage of book reviews and recommendations posted these days. As I understand, many literary magazines and websites don't believe readers are interested in them. If this is true it surprises me because Queer Writer listeners hunger for suggestions has been insatiable. Therefore, each month you'll get a shitload more recommendations than before.

  • In addition to the book recommendations offered in the first three weeks of the month, there is one special episode in the final week of the month. The episode will be a compilation of recommendations by the three authors who had most recently been guests.

My concern about there may be a lack of interest from the guests has been unfounded. It's been the opposite. Authors are excited to share books they believe deserve recognition. Some have asked if they can give two recommendations. Some have asked if it must be in the crime genre, or even queer. I gave some thought to the second question and I've informed guests they should feel free to recommend any book they feel strongly about. The emphasis will remain on crime fiction written by LGBTQ authors, but if a guest has something else they have a burning desire to share then they should go for it. Dammit, a good book is a good book. 

When the show returns you will no longer get four recommendations each month. You will get six. Some months I'll pop in and give a seventh recommendation. This may put a lot of pressure on you trying to decide which one to get next, but what an outstanding problem to have.